Setup Opsgenie

  1. After you sign in/sign up in IsDown, in the top bar menu, click Integrations.

  2. Select the Opsgenie check box.

  3. Next, go to Opsgenie to get the API Key

    1. Go the menu item Teams

    2. Choose or create the team you want the integration for

    3. In the sidebar click Integrations

    4. Top right corner, click the button Add integration

    5. Search for API and click the API type integration

    6. Give the integration a name (e.g., IsDown)

    7. Since we only need to create and update alerts, you can remove access to everything else in the Edit section.

    8. Click the button Turn on integration.

  4. Copy the API key, head to the IsDown website, and add it to the form.

  5. Choose the region where your Opsgenie instance is located. EU or US.

  6. Click Save Changes

  7. And it's done. Now, when an outage is open, we will create an alert in Opsgenie and close it when the vendor closes the status update.

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