Referral Program

Welcome to our referral program!

We created this program to make it easier for IsDown users to recommend IsDown to other people and companies that might benefit from it.

We also want to make it worthwhile, so for every user who subscribes to IsDown via your link, we'll credit your account with $100. All the credit you accumulate will be discounted in upcoming renewals (monthly and yearly). What do you need to do?

  • Sign in, click Account Settings in the sidebar, and get your unique referral link.

  • Share it with your network ( Twitter/X, Linkedin, Email, WhatsApp, Newsletter, etc. )

  • After new users subscribe to a plan with your referral link, we will credit your account with $100.

Terms and Conditions:

  • You can't create ads to compete for our brand name (IsDown)

  • $100 will be credited to your account the moment the new customer spends $100 in IsDown.

  • A new customer is a company that has never subscribed to IsDown.

  • The credit will happen up to 15 days after the subscription is created to address our refund policy.

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