Microsoft Teams

  1. After you sign in/sign up in the top bar menu, click Integrations.

  2. Select the Microsoft Teams check box.

  3. After checking the box, it will ask you to enter your Webhook URL. If you don’t have the weblink at the moment, you can get it following these instructions:

    1. Go to your Microsoft Teams account

    2. Click on the options buttons for a channel, and click "Connectors"

    3. Search for connector "Incoming Webhook" and click "Add". Fill out the form and click "Create"

    4. In the same form, it will now show an URL. Just copy & paste to the IsDown form

  4. Once you have the Webhook URL, simply paste it into the integrations under Microsoft Teams and click Save Notifications in the upper right corner of the Alerts & Integrations webpage, and It’s done!

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