Setup Datadog

  1. Use your existing account or create a new one at

  2. Log in to your account and go to the Notifications page.

  3. Click on the checkbox to select Datadog and then click Connect to Datadog.

  4. You are then redirected to Datadog to authorize the application. IsDown creates an API key that only has access to what IsDown needs to send events and service checks to Datadog. IsDown will not read any data from your Datadog account. The requested scope only allows us to send data and not read it.

  5. After authorization, you are redirected to IsDown.

  6. A new dashboard will be created in Datadog.

  7. Other notes

    1. We send two types of data. Checks and Events.

    2. In the case of the Events, we will send the outage information with tags. One of the tags identifies the profile from where it is sent. This will allow you to set up your Datadog account alerts based on the source profile sent. E.g., Identify outages that might be critical to your platform vs non-critical ones.

      Tags sent in each event: - "source:isdown" - "isdown:SERVICE_URLNAME" , e.g., 'isdown:azure' - "isdown:profile-PROFILE_URLNAME, e.g. 'isdown:profile-all-company'

    3. Apart from the base widgets, you can create your own. See more in Custom Widgets.

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