What are the severities for outages/services

Here at IsDown, we have three states for outages and services. These states are primarily defined by what we can get from service status pages.

Here are some of the descriptions for the different states.

  • Operational

    • The service is operating normally without a known problem affecting users.

  • Minor Outage

    • The service may experience intermittent downtime, but a workaround is available.

    • Customers may encounter minor inconveniences due to intermittent service interruptions.

    • A workaround is readily accessible to minimize the impact.

    • Some performance degradation may be noticeable, but overall usability remains feasible.

  • Major Outage

    • Extensive service disruption with a critical impact on customer data.

    • A significant portion of customers are unable to access the customer-facing service.

    • Core functionality experiences severe disruptions, significantly impacting regular operations.

99% of the time, the qualification of the outage state is up to the service provider and IsDown limits to map it to its internal models.

If you have any questions, you can always send also an email to support@isdown.app.

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