Onboarding Steps

  1. After creating your account, it should take you only a few minutes to set everything up.

  2. Start by adding the services you want to start monitoring to your dashboard.

  3. By default you will start getting outage notifications in the email you created the account with. In the Integrations section you can set different notification channels (Slack, Microsoft Teams, etc) and/or integrate with other platforms we've available (PagerDuty, Datadog, etc).

  4. For each service you can customize the notifications you want to receive. You can customize by components (getting a notification only when a specific component is affected) or by severity (e.g. only major outages).

  5. If you would like to share your dashboard with your team/client, you can do it via the Status Page section. Click on the Status Page in the sidebar and go through the form.

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